Abusing and being abused: These tennis stars were involved

Offender, or victim — read how private chaos from these tennis stars damaged their career:

Alexander Zverev allegedly abused his former girlfriend

Zverev’s former partner, Olya Sharypova, described him punching, strangling and hitting her over the course of their 13-month relationship, including at tournament hotels. She also recounted Zverev’s attempts to control who she saw and what she did and his telling her, “I hope you will die … but not in my room.” Sharypova offered contemporaneous text messages, photos of bruising, and witness testimony in support of her account.

Nick Kyrgios charged with allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend

The 27-year-old was reportedly charged with common assault after he was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari in late 2021. In October 2021, Nick Kyrgios and his ex-girlfriend had an ugly encounter in a hotel room in Adelaide. As things got out of hand, police were alerted about the incident.

Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli claimed abusive relationship with ex-boyfriend

Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli has claimed an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend started her dramatic weight loss which saw her go “close to death”. „Then I met again with my ex-boyfriend again in May 2014 and every day he told me I was fat. Every day. He would see a thin girl in the street and he would say to me: ‚Did you see how pretty and thin she is?‘ It didn’t help. “He was such a dickhead. I let someone destroy me and I didn’t think that was possible. I let him swallow me. “On that front, I learned a lot as well. Because of my personality, I accepted things that were unacceptable. I used to tell myself: ‚It is not a big deal, not a big deal‘, but it totally destroyed me. I can no longer live like that. It is true I had lost a lot of weight, I had a weakened immune system, I caught something in India that finished me. I was already extremely thin, not to say skinny, but I could not see it.

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These tennis players got assaulted and sexually abused by their tennis coaches

In the young age of a tennis player a coach often has authority over the person. In these cases the sports relationship between player and coach turned into a real nightmare:

Teen player got assaulted brutally by coach

In October 2022 a young, 14-year-old, female tennis player from China got attacked and beaten brutally by her coach and father after a poor training session.

The video with disturbing imagery below shows the player being kicked and slapped by her coach before being thrown to the ground and kicked repeatedly:

Adrienne Jensens tennis coach solicited her for sexually explicit photographs

The nightmare of Adrienne Jensen, a former promising teenage player from the USA and now with 27 about to begin a career as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, began as Rex Haultain, a top junior tennis coach, became her coach in 2009. Soon Haultain solicited her for nude pictures. The female tennis player Jensen was 15. In 2016 the tennis coach, Rex Haultain got convicted by the US Government for child porn.

Pro tennis players pressed charge against top tennis coach because of sexual abuse

A prominent dutch tennis coach got arrested by the police on sexual abuse allegations. According to NL Times on behalf of the tennis players who pressed charges, lawyer Annemiek van Spanje said, they did not decide to come forward „lightly,“ knowing that the case would gain public attention. „Nevertheless, they thought they had to persevere. Among other things, to prevent other young tennis players from becoming victims of sexual abuse.“

Fiona Ferro’s former coach charged with rape and sexual assault

According to a report by Agence France-Presse Pierre Bouteyre, the former coach from former top 30 player Fiona Ferro, has been charged with raping and sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager. Ferro has accused Bouteyre of rape and sexual assault from 2012 to 2015, when she would have been 15 to 18 years old, her lawyer told AFP. According to the prosecutor on the case, Bouteyre has been charged with rape of a minor by a person having authority over the victim and sexual assault of a minor over the age of 15 by a person having authority over the victim. Bouteyre’s lawyer said to AFP that he „recognizes the relationship occurred but denies any coercion.“ „It was a love story according to him,“ his lawyer said.

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Comment on the behavior of ATP professionals during lockdown

Statements from French tennis pros Benoit Paire („I lost in the first round, that’s better. I can get out of the bubble quickly and enjoy a few days off before Miami.“) and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga („We can’t go to restaurants to relax. We’re not motivated, it’s not fun.“) paint a staggering and unacceptable picture of tennis pros‘ attitudes toward their sport.

It should give the ATP Tour a lot to think about that privileged athletes shamelessly utter such phrases. The bubble in which the athletes have been moving during lockdown also seems to have an effect on the brain power of the professionals above all. No more getting good money after every tournament for some tennis. No more spectators whose crazy adoration made the narcissist in themselves even bigger. The dolce vita around the tennis court was passé, and already the pros lost interest in their sport. The bank accounts are bulging, so why go through the agony anymore when the money can’t be thrown out the window anyway.
For players like Paire and Tsonga, there seems to be no more understanding of their role model function to fans.
The frightening thing is how shamelessly they scatter inflammatory material around the world:
When asked at an ATP tournament in Auckland, New Zealand, what he enjoyed most here, Paire replied, „the women“ – of course, that could well be taken as a humorous response, but paying respect to organizers, helpers and people who make such tournaments possible would be more appropriate.
Sometimes you wish the ATP would crack down so that players like Benoit Paire would stop putting such nonsense into people’s heads.


Kommentar zur ATP-Tour: Verwöhnte Paradiesspieler

Aussagen von den französischen Tennisprofis Benoit Paire („Ich habe in der ersten Runde verloren, das ist besser. Ich kann schnell aus der Blase raus und ein paar freie Tage vor Miami genießen.“) und Jo-Wilfried Tsonga („Wir können nicht in Restaurants gehen, um zu entspannen. Wir sind nicht motiviert, es macht keinen Spaß.“) zeichnen ein erschütterndes und inakzeptables Bild über die Einstellung der Tennis-Profis zu ihrem Sport ab.

Es sollte der ATP-Tour sehr zu denken geben, dass privilegierte Sportler schamlos derartige Sätze von sich geben. Die Blase, in der sich die Sportler seit Corona bewegen, hat scheinbar auch vor allem Auswirkung auf die Gehirnleistung der Profis. Nichts ist es mehr, nach jedem Turnier für etwas Tennissport einen dicken Scheck zu erhalten. Keine Zuschauer mehr, deren verrückte Anbetung den Narzissten in einem selbst noch größer werden ließ. Das Dolce Vita rund um den Tennisplatz herum ist passé und schon verlieren die Profis die Lust an ihrem Sport. Die Konten sind prallgefüllt, also warum sollte man sich die Qualen noch antun, wenn das Geld sowieso nicht mehr aus dem Fenster geschmissen werden kann.
Für Spieler wie Paire und Tsonga scheint es kein Verständnis mehr für ihre Vorbildfunktion gegenüber Fans zu geben.
Das Erschreckende ist, wie schamlos sie Zündstoff in die Welt streuen:
Auf die Frage bei einem ATP-Turnier in Auckland, Neuseeland, was er hier am meisten genieße, antwortete Paire, „die Frauen“ – natürlich kann das auch gut und gerne als humorvolle Antwort verstanden werden, doch Respekt gegenüber Veranstalter, Helfern und Menschen zu zollen, die solche Turniere ermöglichen, wäre da eher angebracht.
Manchmal wünscht man sich, dass die ATP härter durchgreifen würde, damit Spieler wie Benoit Paire nicht mehr solch einen Schmarrn in die Köpfe der Leute streuen würden.


Soccer Stars Who Took Over The Hot Girlfriends Of Their Teammates

It is no blank sheet, that club loyalty and Soccer-Stars is no romantic rendezvous anymore. But to take over the girlfriends of their teammates? These 6 soccer stars weren’t afraid of it:

Mauro Icardi (26)

Icardi und Maxi López once have been good friends, presented at Sampdoria Genua a notorious forward pair – until Icardi decided to take over López former wife Wanda Nara whilst they were on common vacation.

Lionel Messi, a good friend of López, ensured afterwards that Icardi made no step in Argentinas national team anymore.

Icardi on the other hand is nowadays the new husband of Wanda Nara, while Nara became Icardis manager, who represents him in negotiations. What an EXPLOSIVE DUET!

John Terry (38)

The former captain of Englands „Three Lions“ attracted 2010 a giant-scandal, as he slept with Wayne Bridges former girlfiend Vanessa Perroncel and actually impregnated her.

Terry on the other hands was at this time married with Toni Poole. Terry failed to apologize and bought for bare 1 Million Euros Perroncels silence. After the disclosure the friendship between Bridge and Terry broke, but the marriage between John and Toni surprisingly endured.

„He is a real romantic“, said Toni Poole ( meanwhile Toni Terry) towards the magazin CelebsNow.

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Thibaut Courtois (26)

New Order’s „Bizarre Love Triangle“ suits extremely good to the thing, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne cooked up in 2013.

Courtois seduced De Bruynes former girlfriend Caroline Lijnen by cooking for her and being an excellent listener. But that’s not all: As Lijnen said De Bruyne has been much earlier unfaithful. „Kevin betrayed me, so why shouldn’t I do the the same“, said Lijnen in an interview. „Kevin told me in 2012, that he had an affair with an old friend of mine“, revealed the Belgian.

While Courtois enjoys nowadays the single-life, De Bruyne has been married in the meantime. He is even a proud dad of two kids.

Michael Ballack (42)

The former Captain of the German national team allegedly had in 2010 an affair with Christian Lells (past Bayern-Munich-Player) girlfriend Daniela Aumeier, although at this times he has been married with Simone Lambe.

Christian Lell piped up to it in an interview. „Not everybody is like Michael Ballack, who thinks, he gets away with everything, who gets in the private lifes of other people and destroys a lot without making any thoughts about it. But maybe this is how you think as the DFB captain“, told Lell.

Today Michael Ballack is in a relationship with model Natacha Tannous, while Christian Lell stands in big troubles with the court after he had a lot of scandals in the past.

Mesut Özil (30)

And again Christian Lell is the sufferer! Arsenal star Özil changed with Lells girlfriend Melanie Rickinger text messages via WhatsApp. After Lell scrolled through the girlfriends phone and found the messages, Lell made the flirt (Özil called Rickinger „Baby“) via Facebook public.

Özils at the time girlfriend Mandy Capristo broke up with the World cup winner of 2010, after Lell made the messages public. Today Mesut Özil stands in a relationship with the Swedish Model Amine Gülşe.

Rafael Van der Vaart (36)
Shortly after the separation of former hamburg defender Khalid Boulahrouz and his former wife Sabia Boulahrouz, Rafael Van der Vaart and Sabia Boulahrouz were an official couple.

A lot of tabloid newspapers speculated that Rafael had an affair with Sabia while she was Khalid Boulahrouz‘ wife. Nonetheless Rafaels relationship with Sabia didn’t last long.

Today Rafael Van der Vaart is in a relationship with the Dutch handball player Estavana Polman and even has a kid with her.

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Peter-Bosz-Aus: Opfer der unumkehrbaren Mechanismen

Das Aus von Peter Bosz bei Bayer 04 Leverkusen ist ein weiteres unromantisches Beispiel dafür, wie das Fußballgeschäft funktioniert und wie sich Sportdirektor und Geschäftsführer im Profifußball selbst schützen.

Der Trainer ist das schwächste Glied und bevor Rudi Völler (Geschäftsführer) und Simon Rolfes (Sportdirektor) Gefahr laufen, selbst kritisiert zu werden, wird es sich leicht gemacht und der Trainer gefeuert. Für alle Fußball-Romantiker ist es sehr schade, wie es mit Bosz und Leverkusen zu Ende geht: So wurde Bosz Ende Dezember im aktuellen Sportstudio des ZDF noch hochgejubelt, um anschließend von der Mannschaft nur noch hängen gelassen zu werden.

Verletzungspech und schlechte wintertransfers der anfang vom ende

Bosz hat viel aus der Leverkusener Mannschaft herausgeholt, doch hatte man zunehmend das Gefühl, dass den Spielern nach dem Höhenflug im Frühwinter von Spiel zu Spiel mehr die Luft ausging. Ein Spieler nach dem anderen fiel verletzt aus und so hatte Bosz vor jedem Spiel eine fast unlösbare Aufgabe vor sich. Auch die Neuzugänge Frimpong und Gray bringen Leverkusen nicht wirklich weiter, auch weil sie sich vom Spielertyp zu sehr Diaby, Bailey und Co. (schnell aber zweikampfschwach) ähneln. Zudem sind sie taktisch schlecht geschult. Der Leerraum im Mittelfeld beim Hertha-Spiel war beängstigend und amateurhaft.

VOlland und Havertz wurden nie adäquat ersetzt

Patrik Schick enttäuscht als Königstransfer auf ganzer Linie und ist alles andere als ein Torjäger, den Leverkusen dringend benötigt. Volland und Havertz konnten nie ersetzt werden. Dass sich Völler und Rolfes auf die Schulter klopften mit Wirtz einen „1zu1-Ersatz“ für Havertz gefunden zu haben, ist lächerlich. Einem 17-Jährigen solch eine Bürde aufzutragen ist realitätsfremd und gefährlich für Wirtz. Auch eine Nominierung für die A-Nationalmannschaft halte ich für verfrüht. Gegen Hertha BSC Berlin hat man es Wirtz angesehen, dass er mit dem Kopf schon bei der DFB-Elf ist – zum Leidwesen von Bosz.


Bosz hatte eine extrem schwierige Aufgabe im Frühjahr – doch vielleicht hätte er durchgreifen müssen, um seinen Job zu retten:

– Aranguiz für seine schlechten Leistungen als Kapitän absetzen und auf die Tribüne setzen.

– die Spielphilosophie endlich überdenken und in Krisenzeiten auf das Kerngeschäft, Ergebnisfußball setzen.

Leider trifft es mit Bosz einen der aussterbenden Sorte: Einen echten Fußballromantiker, der bis zum Ende an seine Philosophie glaubt und Opfer der unumkehrbaren Mechanismen geworden ist.

Goodbye To A Gifted And Elegant Gentleman Who Brought Glamour in The Tennis Scene

For many tennis-conscious people Tomas Berdych is only known as best player who didn’t win a grand slam but besides this fact Berdych was over the years maybe the most solid player on tour who shined as gentleman with smart attitude, nice behaviour and as a husband who introduced with his wife Ester Satorova a lot of gloss in the tennis-circuit. Now he retires after competing strong for 17 years in the tour business.

By latest in 2005 at the Paris Masters with Berdych appeared as new star on the tennis sky. With his 5-set-win against former world number three Ivan Ljubičić (40) he won his first big title.

He jumped afterwards for the first time in the top 25 of the ATP Rankings.
But his increasing success also complicated more and more his relationship with former world number 5 Lucie Šafářová (32). „There was too much tennis“, Berdych told Channel Seven with regard to his first relationship. In 2006 he reached for the first time the top 10, playing two finals and with three fourth rounds a solid grand slam season. After remaining over the next years a solid top 20 player he reached in 2010 his biggest success by playing in Wimbledon a grand slam final where he defeated on his route defending Champion Roger Federer (38) in the quarters and number 3 seed Novak Djokovic (32) in the semis. He lost to Rafael Nadal (33) in the final in straight sets. Even if he lost the final for Berdych it was ‚the best tournament of his life‘ and ‚a very special moment‘.

With a following semi-final at the french open he reached for the first time number 6 in the ATP Rankings. In 2012 and 2013 Berdych wrote with his Czech Team history by winning the Davis Cup in a remarkable final with 3:2 against Spain in Prague. Berdych won against Nicolas Almagro (34) and also his double-match with Radek Stepanek (40) against Marcel Granollers (33) and Marc Lopez (37).

Only two weeks ago the Czech Fed Cup Team already won the fed cup with Lucie Šafářová and Petra Kvitova (29), also in Prague. While Berdych already split in 2011 from his long time girlfriend Šafářová in 2012 he made his new relationship with model Ester Satorova (27) public.

One year later Berdych and his team defended the title by beating Serbia in Belgrade again with 3:2. Berdych won against Dusan Lajovic (29) and his doubles with Radek Stepanek against Nenad Zimonjić (43) and Dušan Vemić while Stepanek sealed the next big success for the Czech Team. As Berdych and Satorova married 2015 in Monte Carlo, his tennis carrer moved also because of back injuries slightly downwards.

As he had to end his season in 2017 earlier he was plagued with back injuries during most of his 2018 season. „I love the game, I like it but I want to be back on court thinking to be in shape and needing to beat just one opponent: who is on the other side of the net, not myself. I even thought about retirement, but then I thought it was not the case, the work I was doing would have been wasted“, Berdych told towards tennisworldusa. In 2019 Berdych celebrated with the final in Doha, the fourth round at the australian open and the semis in Montpellier a strong comeback but unluckily his back injury reappeared and the match at the US Open against Jenson Brooksby has been his last match on tour.

Due to where his rise all began it would have been magic if his personal fareweel would have been in Paris at the Masters but Berdych decided due to his latest injury struggles lately in November to say goodbye. So he received amongst other retiring tour pros like David Ferrer (37) and Nicolas Almagro at the ATP World Tour Finals in London a well earned honor.

To his future plans he made a smugly comment: „The plan is actually not to have any plans. The last 15, 20 years was so hectic and so demanding that I just need to just to breathe out easily after all those years“, Berdych told ubitennis.net.

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Tennis Players Who Did Drugs, Got Banned And Struggled Afterwards

They have been on a roll in the tennis circuit until they were convicted of doping. Read how these tour stars fought their way back to the tennis world:

Maria Sharapova (32)
In January 2016 Sharapova has been banned for one year and four months after she failed a test for the drug meldonium during the Australian Open.

While Sharapova maintained that she took the drug on the advice of her doctor for health reasons over a 10-year period only, the tribunal found further evidence in emails between Sharapova and her doc Dr. Anatoly Skalny.
According to The Guardian he advised ‚during games of special importance you can increase your Mildronate dose to 3-4 pills (1 hour before the match)‘. During her ban she released with Unstoppable her first autobiography in september 2017.
„I think it brings a sense of gratefulness that I don’t think I really had. Everything was on automatic for many years. It’s like you wake up, you train, you go to tournaments and you go to another tournament and you win some and you lose some. But since I came back, I just really value every single event. I value every practice and there are definitely tough days, where you’re just physically tired and jet-lagged, but you always have to show up and my fans have been incredible“, Sharapova told FOX Business.
She gave her comeback at the Australian Open in January 2018 where she lost after wins against Tatjana Maria and Anastasija Sevastova against Angelique Kerber in the third round. After she struggled with a shoulder injury in the past months Sharapova wants to attack next season with her new coach Riccardo Piatti (61) again.

Richard Gasquet (33)
Gasquet has been banned for two months and fifteen days from ATP World Tour after he tested positive for cocaine in March 2009.

His ban got reduced after the ITF trusted his claim that he had „inadvertently“ taken on the drug when sharing french kisses in a Miami nightclub with a frenchwoman, identified only as this time 29-year-old Pamela D. . A few months later Gasquet returned at the US Open back to the scene where he lost to Rafael Nadal 2:6 2:6 3:6 in the first round.
„It was very tough mentally stopping for those 2½ months. I ask only one thing: be patient. I need time. Not many people would have recovered after going through what I’ve experienced. I’m going to do everything I can in training“, Gasquet told the French sports newspaper L’Equipe. After he has worked his way over the years in 2016 back in the top 10, Gasquet ended this season ranked as number 61.

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Daniel Evans (29)
Former world number 41 Evans got tested positive to cocaine in April 2017 during the Barcelona Open where the sample was found to contain cocaine and its metabolite.

He got banned from 26th June 2017 on for one year. In an interview with Independent he revealed deep insights in his soul life.
„There isn’t much you can do in the day when other people are working. I was living in Cheltenham, away from anybody else, so I was just on my own for much of the nine months until 5.30pm or 6pm every day“, Evans told Independent.
‚The need of food‘ motivated him to get out of bed each day: „It’s hard to explain, I would never want anyone to go through what having a ban is like. It’s my own fault. don’t get me wrong“, he added.
Obviously in the back of my mind I was thinking: I’m a professional tennis player, I’m missing a year of my life. And it’s probably not right to be out enjoying yourself when you’ve let so many people down“, Evans explained towards Independent.
Since his return in 2018 he climbed the world rankings month for month and is with his ranking 42 to the end of the season 2019 only one rank away from his career best two years ago.

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3 Stunning International Handball Couples Who Went Through Heaven And Hell

These handball couples have been rated as one of the most glamorous pairs in the sports world. But also as couples in the normal life they had to master their ups and downs – the one with success the other without:

Iker Romero (39) & Laura Steinbach (34)
Former back-court players Romero and Steinbach are in a relationship for five years.

They got to know each other in Budapest as Romero visited his buddy Laszlo Nagy. Steinbach played at that time for the hungarian top-team Ferencváros Budapest.
When it comes in talks to the topic handball nobody needs advice from each other – both are independent.
„Iker does not need any tips from me. Of course we talk about handball, but that’s not the most important thing in our relationship – luckily“, Steinbach told Spox in an interview. In 2015 international-star Romero decided to quit his career which was beside his big successes for the spanish Nationalteam and former club FC Barcelona dominated by injuries. „In the right knee alone I had five operations. One year ago, my body said: Try it, at least. And my head said: You’re sure to stand still for another year. This time my head says: One year would be difficult, and my body, my knee say: You can not do that anymore. They beg me to stop“, Romero told Süddeutsche Zeitung in an interview. Nowadays Romero is co-trainer for bundesliga-team TSV Hannover-Burgdorf while Steinbach is after eight years as teammanager for the DHB-Team today nutritionist for the company bookingsportstar. Furthermore the two are proud parents of two childs.

Lars Christiansen (47) & Christina Roslyng (41)
The past danish left winger Christiansen and former player Roslyng married in 2006, split up in 2009 and reunited in 2012.

The two have a son, Frederik (14). While Lars Christiansen is in the meantime chief scout at his former club SG Flensburg Handewitt, Christina Roslyng found her own sports psychology agency „Roslyng“ and is additional HR Businesss Partner for „Jual A/S“ at her birthplace in Juelsminde.

Bo Spellerberg (40) & Louise Svalastog Spellerberg (37)
St. Gallens back-court player Spellerberg and former pivot player Svalastog Spellerberg have been together since 2002, married eight years later but in 2013 the surprising division.

According to Billed Bladet the former most attractive danish sportscouple drifted apart but there have been rumors that Svalastog Spellerbergs attendance to the dance show „Wild Dance“ where she partnered with dance school owner Mads Vad (35) could have been one reason.
„Everything that happens on the dance floor, I do not see as an issue at all. It’s more all the rumors you hear about what’s happening out there. And you should never never say – it happens that people find a new one. But I fully trust Louise“, Spellerberg told Billed Bladet. Louise Svalastog Spellerberg had also a sight on her attendance. „The family misses me a little and I miss them. It’s Bo who’s watching the big thorn, so there are some hardships, but we’re all three happy, both Mille and Bo and me. So we really do not think much about it“, she explained to Billed Bladet.
Last summer Svalastog Spellerberg ended her career while Bo Spellerberg is with 40 years still competing – in dualfunktion as player-coach for TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen in the Swiss Handball League.

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3 Pretty Female Volleyball Players Who Also Have The Perfect Touch

Sunniva Helland-Hansen (22)
The in norwegian Bergen born Hansen comes from a volleyball-enthusiastic family.

Two of her three brothers also play volleyball at a professional level.
In Indoor Volleyball she gone through all youth national teams for Norway before she switched to Beach Volleyball. In 2017 she moved to Florida, USA, where she is attending the Stetson University and studying Sociology.
She still plays Beach Volleyball for the Stetson Hatters.

Nina Betschart (24)
Betschart, born in Swiss smalltown Steinhausen, builds since 2016 with Tanja Hüberli (27) a strong beachvolleyball pair.

For both of them the olympic games 2020 in Tokyo are the next big aim. Their winning formula on the road to Tokyo?
„The most important thing is that you are open and honest and always talking to each other. We want to look from tournament to tournament“, Betschart told the Swiss Coopzeitung.

Markéta Sluková (31)
Prague-Based beachvolleyball player Sluková reached with her partner Barbora Hermannová (29) world number one in the FIVB Women World Ranking.

In an Interview with Beach Volleyball Space she revealed why she loves her sports: „I really enjoyed the space for self-realization and partial individualism that comes with beach volleyball.“

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That’s why these stunning table tennis couples are true superheroes

Table tennis life is dominated by travelling and playing for the club. So as a professional it’s very difficult to build relationships. These table tennis couples are mastering this challenge for many years in grandiose manner:

João Monteiro (36) & Daniela Dodean (31)
The portuguese Monteiro and romanian Dodean married in July 2013, in April 2015 they became parents of a daughter.

„For me, the best things I have received in my life is first marrying my husband, and then the birth of my daughter Lara. I would give up everything in the world to make my daughter happy“, Dodean told ittf.

Dimitrij Ovtcharov (31) & Jenny Ovtcharov (31, former Mellström)
Former swedish player Jenny Ovtcharov and two times european champion Dimitrij Ovtcharov are married since 2014.

While D. Ovtcharov is still competing very strong on the ittf-tour (currently world-ranking 12), Jenny works flexible as online marketing manager for the two private schools from her parents.
In 2015 she also made her comeback in tabletennis sports, as she played in the third league for Borussia Duesseldorf.
„I enjoy working, learning new things, and wanting to develop as a person, regardless of what Dima works and earns“, Jenny Ovtcharov told myTischtennis.
Zhenqi Barthel (32) & Tiago Apolonia (33)
The in Laimin, China born and 2002 to Germany moved Barthel and the in Lissabon born former world number 9 Apolonia married in July 2016.

In December 2017 they became parents of a son. Whereas today Tiago is still playing in the german „TTBL“ for TTC Neu-Ulm, Barthel lives in Lissabon where she takes care of their son Santiago.
„We are either traveling or playing. But that’s how it is as a table tennis pro. My wife knows this fortunately and understands it“, Apolonia explained to Südwest Presse.

Christian Süß (34) & Elke Schall-Süß (46)
Elke Schall, former table tennis professional, world number 29 and Christian Süß, four-times european doubles-champion with Timo Boll are in a relationship since 2006.

Six years later they married in Duesseldorf.
While Süß is nowadays a honorary coach for the german table tennis boarding school, Elke Schall-Süß is a self-employed fitness-coach.
„Working as a ‚personal trainer‘ has given me more contact with people outside the table tennis who also talk about very different topics. That’s very interesting and something different“, Schall-Süß declared DTTB in an interview.

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