The Reason Why These Former Premier League Divas Went To Prison

Attempted strangulation, drink-driving despite driving ban, a severe beated taxi driver – these football players completely lost their nerves and went to prison.

Marlon King (39)

The Jamaican was sentenced in October 2009 for sexual violence against a woman for 18 months jail.

The background was that the former Premier League striker (12 goals in 64 appearances) celebrated in the end of 2009 in a bar his winning goal for Hull City and also the pregnancy of his wife. After a female student gave him a cold shoulder, he started a dispute with her. „Don’t you know who I am? I am a millionaire“, the father of three children was reported to have said. „I don’t care who you are. Take your millionaire being away from our table“, gave him the female student space to thought.

Subsequently King lost his nerves, grasped at the woman. „I’m out of your league love, I’m a multi-millionaire“, King shouted to her after she told him to stop touching her. Afterwards he punched her with such force that two other revellers, one of them holding on to his arm, were knocked over.

Barely five years later King was sentenced in 2014 again for 18 months jail. This time the cause was ‚dangerous driving‘. King was seen weaving in and out of traffic on the dual carriageway before he undertook Martin Beck’s VW Polo, which he considered was driving too slowly, the court heard. The former footballer, who was eating an ice cream bought from McDonald’s moments earlier, then slammed his brakes on in frustration, forcing Mr Beck to perform an emergency stop.

A third car crashed into the back of the Polo, pushing it into the back of King’s Porsche. The footballer drove off, only for a witness to flag him down, thinking Mr Beck had been killed. When he returned he blamed Mr Beck, who had to be cut free and flown to hospital, for causing the collision. Mr Beck spent three weeks in hospital and required surgery for a fractured and dislocated forearm. A third driver was also taken to hospital for cuts and bruises.

Jermaine Pennant (36)

Former Arsenal London star Pennant was condemned in 2005 for ‚drink driving while banned‘.

He crashed his top of the range Mercedes into a lamppost while more than twice the legal limit, then drove off with the post dragging underneath the car. He pulled into a car park of a leisure complex where he was arrested. Police said his eyes were glazed and his speech slurred.

When questioned initially, he gave a false name, telling officers that he was his Arsenal team mate Ashley Cole.

Adam Johnson (31)

Former English ‚prodigy‘ Johnson (inter alia Premier League winner with Manchester City in 2011/12) was arrested for ‚child abuse of a 15 year old‘ for six years jail.

Johnson (265 Premier League appearances for Manchester City, FC Middlesbrough and AFC Sunderland) had engaged in sexual activity with the child knowing she was under 16. The sexual activity with the girl happened in the footballer’s Range Rover in January 2015 after he had groomed her using social media apps.

In March 2019 the disgraced former England international has been released from prison after serving three years. His release conditions: He cannot spend time alone with Ayla, a social worker monitoring his every move. He will likely live at a registered address and give details of anywhere else he stays. The ex-Englandwinger will also have to hand over his bank card details in case he accesses paid for porn sites.

Joey Barton (36)

The former international was arrested in December 2007 for a ‚violent and cowardly attack‘ on a man outside a McDonald’s restaurant for six months jail.

In Liverpool city centre Barton punched his victim up to 20 times as he lay on the ground. A few minutes later he attacked a 16-year-old, punching him and leaving him with broken teeth.

In another case in May 2007 where he assaulted his former Manchester City team mate Ousmane Dabo in a training ground incident he was not pleaded guilty. He got imposed a 3.000€ fee, which he had to pay to Dabo, the cost of proceedings and 200 hours of community service.

Danny Simpson (32)

The defender, who won in 2016 with Leicester City sensationally the Premier League, got community service for pinning his ‚terrified‘ ex-girlfriend to the floor and throttling her.

After Simpsons ex-girlfriend Ward had refused to give evidence at trial and withdrew her statement, the Judge handed him 300 hours unpaid work at court in Manchester instead of the discussed imprisonment.

Ms Ward made a frantic eight minute-long 999 call in which she can be heard begging him to ‚get off‘ during a drunken row at family gathering at Christmas. When officers arrived they found Simpson straddled over Ms Ward and he was arrested while his former girlfriend was left ‚crying hysterically and cowering‘ in the corner of the room.

Nicklas Bendtner (31)

The ‚Lord‘ has been sentenced to 50 days in jail in Denmark for assaulting a taxi driver.

Scandalous former Arsenal star Bendtner has beaten in September 2018 the taxi driver so hard, that the taxi man suffered a broken jaw. The Dane admitted hitting the taxi driver but said it was because he ‚felt threatened‘.

Bendtner told journalists the driver threw a bottle or a can towards him and his girlfriend when they left without paying.

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