Heart Failure! These Soccer Stars Suddenly Dropped Dead

Davide Astori was a former soccer player, who recently died because of heart failure. Unfortunately this wasn’t the first case of this kind.

Cheik Tioté (†30)

The former Premier League player (138 matches for Newcastle United) died on 5th June 2017 during the practices for his at that time club Beijing Enterprises in China.

Emergency doctors took him after the collapse to the hospital, where the doctors determined the death. Heart attack was called as death cause.

Antonio Puerta (†22)

The then Spanish international suffered on 25th August 2007 in the league match FC Sevilla against FC Getafe on the pitch a cardiac arrest.

Puerta has been given artificial respiration at the hospital, suffered because of a lack of oxygen supply serious brain damages. Three days later he died at the hospital as a result of several cardiac arrests.

Patrick Ekeng (†26)

The Cameroonian suffered on the pitch at the league match between Dynamo Bucharest and FC Viitorul Constanta a heart attack.

According to eyewitness reports it took several minutes until Ekeng got medical help on the field. The responsible doctor was located at the stand, far away from the happening. Furthermore the for the game provided ambulance had no defibrillator. The only 26 years been old died on the pitch.

Daniel Jarque (†26)

Jarque was captain of the Spanish BBVA team Espanyol Barcelona and suffered on 8th August 2009 during the training camp a heart attack.

Recording to „RP Online“ the defence boss phoned in his hotel room with his girlfriend as he suddenly failed to respond. Subsequently the doctors tried to reanimate him with the defibrillator, but in vain.

Miklós Fehér (†24)

The Hungarian collapsed on 25th June 2004 in the league game between Benfica Lissabon and Victoria Guimaraes.

Because of the heavy rain no defibrillator has been used. „Due to the moisture it would have been an effect, as if somebody would lay a dryer in a bathtub“, said a doctor. Fehér died according to details even in the stadium. The death was confirmed at the hospital afterwards. According to the final report of the Portuguese justice the death cause of Fehér was a heart attack.

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