3 Stunning International Handball Couples Who Went Through Heaven And Hell

These handball couples have been rated as one of the most glamorous pairs in the sports world. But also as couples in the normal life they had to master their ups and downs – the one with success the other without:

Iker Romero (39) & Laura Steinbach (34)
Former back-court players Romero and Steinbach are in a relationship for five years.

They got to know each other in Budapest as Romero visited his buddy Laszlo Nagy. Steinbach played at that time for the hungarian top-team Ferencváros Budapest.
When it comes in talks to the topic handball nobody needs advice from each other – both are independent.
„Iker does not need any tips from me. Of course we talk about handball, but that’s not the most important thing in our relationship – luckily“, Steinbach told Spox in an interview. In 2015 international-star Romero decided to quit his career which was beside his big successes for the spanish Nationalteam and former club FC Barcelona dominated by injuries. „In the right knee alone I had five operations. One year ago, my body said: Try it, at least. And my head said: You’re sure to stand still for another year. This time my head says: One year would be difficult, and my body, my knee say: You can not do that anymore. They beg me to stop“, Romero told Süddeutsche Zeitung in an interview. Nowadays Romero is co-trainer for bundesliga-team TSV Hannover-Burgdorf while Steinbach is after eight years as teammanager for the DHB-Team today nutritionist for the company bookingsportstar. Furthermore the two are proud parents of two childs.

Lars Christiansen (47) & Christina Roslyng (41)
The past danish left winger Christiansen and former player Roslyng married in 2006, split up in 2009 and reunited in 2012.

The two have a son, Frederik (14). While Lars Christiansen is in the meantime chief scout at his former club SG Flensburg Handewitt, Christina Roslyng found her own sports psychology agency „Roslyng“ and is additional HR Businesss Partner for „Jual A/S“ at her birthplace in Juelsminde.

Bo Spellerberg (40) & Louise Svalastog Spellerberg (37)
St. Gallens back-court player Spellerberg and former pivot player Svalastog Spellerberg have been together since 2002, married eight years later but in 2013 the surprising division.

According to Billed Bladet the former most attractive danish sportscouple drifted apart but there have been rumors that Svalastog Spellerbergs attendance to the dance show „Wild Dance“ where she partnered with dance school owner Mads Vad (35) could have been one reason.
„Everything that happens on the dance floor, I do not see as an issue at all. It’s more all the rumors you hear about what’s happening out there. And you should never never say – it happens that people find a new one. But I fully trust Louise“, Spellerberg told Billed Bladet. Louise Svalastog Spellerberg had also a sight on her attendance. „The family misses me a little and I miss them. It’s Bo who’s watching the big thorn, so there are some hardships, but we’re all three happy, both Mille and Bo and me. So we really do not think much about it“, she explained to Billed Bladet.
Last summer Svalastog Spellerberg ended her career while Bo Spellerberg is with 40 years still competing – in dualfunktion as player-coach for TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen in the Swiss Handball League.

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