4 Hot Female Tennis Players Who Had An Affair With These Tour-Colleagues

Tennis life is a blessing and a curse at the same time. You travel around the world, earn with the thing you love the most a living and attract people from everywhere. But the life as a tennis pro often makes a private life very difficult. These players took a risk:

Maria Sharapova (32)

The Relationship between the Russian Sharapova and the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov (28) began in October 2012, when Dimitrov firstly texted Sharapova via E-Mail.

„Our messages turned into phone calls, our phone calls into Skype calls. It was very simple and genuine. I didn’t think too much of it until, after one of our phone conversations, he dialled me back thirty seconds later and said, ‚I’m sorry, but I miss your voice. Can we speak for a few more minutes?'“, revealed Sharapova in her autobiography Unstoppable.
They gone public about their relationship in the beginning of May – all in all the romance lasted til summer 2015. „I was supposed to be focused, getting prepared for my own matches, my own triumphs and defeats, on the largest stage of my career. I had been watching his match that day only because I’d lost early at those championships. So his good memory was my bad memory. What meant everything to him happened only because I had lost“, Sharapova concluded in her book.

Nowadays Sharapova is in a relationship with businessman Alexander Gilkes (40, founder of the auction house „Paddle8“), while Dimitrov is Single again after the summer-split from former „Pussycat Dolls“ lead singer Nicole Scherzinger (41).

Donna Vekic (23)

There was great outcry when Nick Kyrgios (24) told Stan Wawrinka (34) in the mid of their match in August 2015 that Thanasi Kokkinakis (23) slept with Wawrinka at the time girlfriend Donna Vekic.

„Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that, mate“, Kyrgios was caught on camera telling the Swiss at the Rogers Cup in Montreal. Both, Kokkinakis and Vekic, didn’t confirm but also didn’t neglect Kyrgios‘ allegation. So the rumours kept rolling.
„It’s not easy but I’m trying to focus on tennis and my next match. I haven’t spoken to Kyrgios. But it’s a very disappointing thing to be happening in our sport and I hope it won’t happen again because it’s not a very good image for our sport“, Vekic spoke out in an interview with the Canadian newspaper The Province.
The relationship between Wawrinka and Vekic ended in summer 2019.

Lucie Safarova (32)

The two Czechs Tomas Berdych (34) and Lucie Savarova have been together for eight years after the split came in 2011.

„I think we came to the point where it was just not going the right way and both of our personalities became different. It just happens. Our breakup was very normal. We didn’t have fights or anything“, Safarova reavealed via Tennis Now. For Safarova the separation changed her perspective on her life which also lead to a career-boost. „I discovered more of myself which was great. Since I was 15, I was sharing everything with a person and suddenly I was there alone. At the beginning it was frightening, but it was good to also know what I like for myself and what I like to do“, the Czech told Tennis Now. In Bethanie Mattek-Sands she found a double partner, with whom she had a lot of success (5 Grand Slam titles).
While Safarova is today in a relationship with tennis coach Troy Hahn, Tomas Berdych is since 2012 engaged with model Ester Satorova (27). „Today I can say, it’s much better, because I think before [ relationship with Safarova, Editor’s Note] there was too much tennis“, Berdych told Channel Seven.

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Katie Boulter (22)

The former Top 10 Player Jack Sock (27) once built with Katie Boulter a perfect tennis couple.

Unfortunately the relationship didn’t last long – they split in the beginning of 2019. Nowadays Sock is in a relationship with Miss North Carolina Laura Little. Boulter, british tennis hope, meanwhile is single again. „Luckily enough, I have really close friends on tour that I travel with and that’s really it. I don’t need anything else“, Boulter told The Sun.

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