Soccer Stars Who Took Over The Hot Girlfriends Of Their Teammates

It is no blank sheet, that club loyalty and Soccer-Stars is no romantic rendezvous anymore. But to take over the girlfriends of their teammates? These 6 soccer stars weren’t afraid of it:

Mauro Icardi (26)

Icardi und Maxi López once have been good friends, presented at Sampdoria Genua a notorious forward pair – until Icardi decided to take over López former wife Wanda Nara whilst they were on common vacation.

Lionel Messi, a good friend of López, ensured afterwards that Icardi made no step in Argentinas national team anymore.

Icardi on the other hand is nowadays the new husband of Wanda Nara, while Nara became Icardis manager, who represents him in negotiations. What an EXPLOSIVE DUET!

John Terry (38)

The former captain of Englands „Three Lions“ attracted 2010 a giant-scandal, as he slept with Wayne Bridges former girlfiend Vanessa Perroncel and actually impregnated her.

Terry on the other hands was at this time married with Toni Poole. Terry failed to apologize and bought for bare 1 Million Euros Perroncels silence. After the disclosure the friendship between Bridge and Terry broke, but the marriage between John and Toni surprisingly endured.

„He is a real romantic“, said Toni Poole ( meanwhile Toni Terry) towards the magazin CelebsNow.

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Thibaut Courtois (26)

New Order’s „Bizarre Love Triangle“ suits extremely good to the thing, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne cooked up in 2013.

Courtois seduced De Bruynes former girlfriend Caroline Lijnen by cooking for her and being an excellent listener. But that’s not all: As Lijnen said De Bruyne has been much earlier unfaithful. „Kevin betrayed me, so why shouldn’t I do the the same“, said Lijnen in an interview. „Kevin told me in 2012, that he had an affair with an old friend of mine“, revealed the Belgian.

While Courtois enjoys nowadays the single-life, De Bruyne has been married in the meantime. He is even a proud dad of two kids.

Michael Ballack (42)

The former Captain of the German national team allegedly had in 2010 an affair with Christian Lells (past Bayern-Munich-Player) girlfriend Daniela Aumeier, although at this times he has been married with Simone Lambe.

Christian Lell piped up to it in an interview. „Not everybody is like Michael Ballack, who thinks, he gets away with everything, who gets in the private lifes of other people and destroys a lot without making any thoughts about it. But maybe this is how you think as the DFB captain“, told Lell.

Today Michael Ballack is in a relationship with model Natacha Tannous, while Christian Lell stands in big troubles with the court after he had a lot of scandals in the past.

Mesut Özil (30)

And again Christian Lell is the sufferer! Arsenal star Özil changed with Lells girlfriend Melanie Rickinger text messages via WhatsApp. After Lell scrolled through the girlfriends phone and found the messages, Lell made the flirt (Özil called Rickinger „Baby“) via Facebook public.

Özils at the time girlfriend Mandy Capristo broke up with the World cup winner of 2010, after Lell made the messages public. Today Mesut Özil stands in a relationship with the Swedish Model Amine Gülşe.

Rafael Van der Vaart (36)
Shortly after the separation of former hamburg defender Khalid Boulahrouz and his former wife Sabia Boulahrouz, Rafael Van der Vaart and Sabia Boulahrouz were an official couple.

A lot of tabloid newspapers speculated that Rafael had an affair with Sabia while she was Khalid Boulahrouz‘ wife. Nonetheless Rafaels relationship with Sabia didn’t last long.

Today Rafael Van der Vaart is in a relationship with the Dutch handball player Estavana Polman and even has a kid with her.

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