Gay Soccer Players: These Pros Came Out And Attracted An Absolute Novelty

In Europe, the German Thomas Hitzlsperger was one of the first male professionals, who admitted in public his homosexuality. There was a slice of hope, that in the male domain soccer homosexual pro players will be accepted and more players will reveal their sexuality. But far wrong!
5 years gone and according to French World Cup winner Olivier Giroud for the players it is still „impossible“ to reveal their sexuality in soccer business. These two professionals took in Australia and the USA the plunge and revealed their sexuality across social media. An example for europe?

Andy Brennan (26)

The in the Australian A-League active player Brennan came out on 14th May 2019 as first Australian professional.

In an Essay, which was published by Professional Footballers Australia Brennan wrote amongst others: „Ever since speaking about it, I’ve learned a lot more about the people I have told because of how they’ve treated me – they’ve been amazing. But I still felt there was one more hurdle looming. And perhaps it’s the biggest. How do I ‘go public’? Throughout my whole A-League and football career, I’ve never known of, met, or spoken with an a out gay male footballer in Australia. Globally, it’s astonishing how few male gay football players have come out during their careers. When I was at Newcastle Jets, I didn’t want to accept my sexuality. At that time, I was really focussed on playing sport and doing my best there, even though I was injured at times. I tried my best to put all my focus and effort into the game and maybe put that part of me aside. It took me time to realise that I couldn’t keep living this lie; that I wanted to be happy with who I am. At some point you have to realise that that’s who you are and you’ve just gotta be who you are. It’s a strange feeling, but I guess in a way I’m the one breaking through the wall here in Australia. Statistically looking at it, people playing the sport, whether it would be football or AFL or any other sport in Australia, there must be more male players who are gay“, Brennan wrote in his on 14th May developed Essay on Professional Footballers Australia.

Collin Martin (24)

The in the MLS for Minnesota United playing midfielder Martin came out on 29th June 2018 via Twitter and is according to NBC NEWS the first and only openly confessing homosexual player from USA’s and Canadas most important sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS).

In an exclusive interview with NBC NEWS he revealed, that his teammates knew already before his coming out from his homosexuality. „It was so comfortable for me to then let them know that I wanted to take another step“, said Martin. “ I’m the only one out right now“, so Martin, who previously made 38 matches in the Major League Soccer. „I think it is important. I think people need to hear that, and I think there are others out there“, completed Martin. „Sports in general, no matter the level, college, youth, professional, people are going to accept you wholeheartedly as long as you are yourself and you’re honest with your teammates“, explained Martin.

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