4 Active Football Stars Who Made Their Depressions Public

In public reporting, in which the athletes usually get judged on the performance, it often comes off badly that top athletes are also humans. These active soccer professionals gave deep insights about their in football business suffered mental illnesses.

Andrés Iniesta (35)

In the television programme „Salvados“ the former FC Barcelona captain openly confessed his at Barcelona suffered depressions.

The 34 year old has thus undergone already in 2009 medical treatment. „My urge to undergo medical treatment was so big, that i always have been 15 minutes earlier there“, said Iniesta in the televison programme „Salvados“. „I remember when I have been at home in the afternoon during the practice for the next season. I felt very bad. I called the doctor, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what would’ve happened to me. On this afternoon I said to myself: ‚I need help, I need anything because otherwise I won’t be able to find out of this situation. I longed for the night, where I could take my pills and finally get some sleep“, is Iniesta quoted on „latinamericanpost.com“.

Danny Rose (28)

The Spurs stars missed in 2017 for over eight months. In this time of suffering his uncle commited suicide.

„It’s no mystery that I have been going through tough times this season for Tottenham, which leaded, that I visited a psychologist, who diagnosed a depression“, Rose said towards British journalists. „Nobody knew anything about it and I just had to leave Tottenham“, so Rose. „I was on medication for a couple of months, which knew nobody except my agent“, revealed Rose. „My uncle killed himself in the midst of rehab, which increased my depression. It was really tough, it helped me massively that I got referenced to a doctor and a psychologist. Furthermore outside the pitch there have been other incidents. My mother has been racially abused and somebody nearly shot my brother in the face. It was a very tough time“, communicated Rose to British journalists.

André Gomes (25)

The Portuguese international made in March 2018 his mental issues he suffered at FC Barcelona public.

„I didn’t feel good on the pitch“, Gomes told the Spanish magazine Panenka. „I was not enjoying what I am doing anymore. The first six months were pretty good but then things changed. Maybe it’s not the right word to use, but it has turned into a kind of hell, because I have started to feel more pressure. The feeling that I had during games was bad“, so Gomes towards Panenka. „I closed myself off. I didn’t allow myself to get rid of the frustration I had. I didn’t talk to anybody. It’s like I felt ashamed. Thinking too much has hurt me. I thought about the bad things and what I have to do“, completed the Portuguese. By now Gomes found at Everton back to his old performance from Valencia times and strikes up free again.

Anthony Knockaert (27)

Also the French midfielder from Brighton & Hove Albion troubled with depressions and made it public towards Independent.

First Knockaerts father, with whom he had a close relation, died in November 2016. Bare one year later his former wife filed for divorce and got the custody for his son. „My wife left last summer during the pre-season, for some reason, and I just realised that I wouldn’t be with my little boy anymore“, Knockaert told the Independent. „When I lost my dad, the most important thing for me was my wife and my baby. They were the people that I needed and six months later, I realised that they weren’t here anymore and just went through a depression“, Knockaert revealed. „I didn’t see it coming. The first month, August, I was sad but I was thinking, ‘come on, you will be back’. In September and October it was just getting worse and worse until I had to say something to the club. I spoke with Bruno last December and said ‘listen, I can’t keep going like this’. And Bruno went to see the manager, the manager came to talk to me and said we are going to get you a counsellor, and since it happened I’ve started to be a bit better and better, she helped me a lot“, exklpained Knockaert and gave deep insights towards Independent. With his team Knockaert stayed this season in the league and had as a regular player a big impact for that achievement.

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