Abusing and being abused: These tennis stars were involved

Offender, or victim — read how private chaos from these tennis stars damaged their career:

Alexander Zverev allegedly abused his former girlfriend

Zverev’s former partner, Olya Sharypova, described him punching, strangling and hitting her over the course of their 13-month relationship, including at tournament hotels. She also recounted Zverev’s attempts to control who she saw and what she did and his telling her, “I hope you will die … but not in my room.” Sharypova offered contemporaneous text messages, photos of bruising, and witness testimony in support of her account.

Nick Kyrgios charged with allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend

The 27-year-old was reportedly charged with common assault after he was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari in late 2021. In October 2021, Nick Kyrgios and his ex-girlfriend had an ugly encounter in a hotel room in Adelaide. As things got out of hand, police were alerted about the incident.

Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli claimed abusive relationship with ex-boyfriend

Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli has claimed an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend started her dramatic weight loss which saw her go “close to death”. „Then I met again with my ex-boyfriend again in May 2014 and every day he told me I was fat. Every day. He would see a thin girl in the street and he would say to me: ‚Did you see how pretty and thin she is?‘ It didn’t help. “He was such a dickhead. I let someone destroy me and I didn’t think that was possible. I let him swallow me. “On that front, I learned a lot as well. Because of my personality, I accepted things that were unacceptable. I used to tell myself: ‚It is not a big deal, not a big deal‘, but it totally destroyed me. I can no longer live like that. It is true I had lost a lot of weight, I had a weakened immune system, I caught something in India that finished me. I was already extremely thin, not to say skinny, but I could not see it.

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